Hello again, I'm still Jen! 
I was born with a disability called Phocomelia. It mainly effects my right arm making it look like a T.rex arm, although sadly I'm not a dinosaur! I do however call it my lucky fin from Finding Nemo! So don't be surprised if I reference it and there isn't a fish insight, it's just me.
As you can see from my work, it doesn't stop my creative side but my kryptonite is indeed those dreaded shoelaces! Thankfully my partner is always there to save me from tripping over; shout out to a few friends who have also taken on this task. Me, my gear and my dignity thanks you! 

Why do I do what I do? 
Before you scroll down and get your hopes up.. I'mma stop you right about now... It's an expensive vet bill... 
But I will sum it up.
Kyza, my blue Staffy. My best friend and the assistant manager.  
Kyza nearly died after being poisoned in my own back garden by someone who used to live above us. I won't go into any more detail but without that awful incident I would have not be here today. From that moment we survived a few more vet bills and I brought myself my first camera to capture every moment moving forward! We got so lucky but others are not so much.I offer free end of life sessions in honour of that day. I nearly lost him without a single great photo and I will not stand by and allow others to go through the same.
A picture speaks a thousands words. 
I am a huge bully Breed lover and do not support the Breed specific legalisation, my goal is to photo dogs in all their full glory and beauty, regardless of breed and stereotype. Measurements and looks do not define a dog and they don't deserve to be killed over such!


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