Questions your hoomans might have.

How do I book a session with you?
Get your hooman to pop me over a message or phone call and we can talk about all the details of how your photoshoot will go down. You'‘ll be fully aware of the step-by-step basis that my business follows and know all the costs upfront! You will also receive my contract which holds all of the terms and conditions and you’ll get a document showing how you can prepare yourself and your pets for your shoot!
Will you photo any animal?
Absolutely. No matter how big, small I will photo them all! The magic doesn’t stop at just cats and dogs!
What areas do you cover?
I am based in Folkestone, Kent and I cover anything within a 30 mile radius. £1 per mile outside of that radius unless i’m already in the area!
What does your style consist of?
I am a natural photographer and would prefer to let my subjects do what they wish in front of my lens. Action, wild and goofy is my go too but of cause, a professional portrait is needed as well!
My editing style is quite dark, contrasty and punchy with the added matte vibe which I personally love!
Does my pet have to be trained / obedient?
NO! No they do not. I only need 1/100 of a second to capture an image so them not sitting still is perfectly fine! All dogs are on leash regardless and will only come off a leash if we are in a safe and secure area. For those dogs that can never be off leash, I have a long line of 20ft which can give them a little extra freedom all while being safe! Action photography can be done with a dog on leash.
At what age can I get my pets photographed?
Breeders can have their pets and litters photographed from any age. Great care is taken to prevent any diseases or cross contamination.  
Pet owners, your animals must be over the age of 12 weeks old with their injections before being photographed outside. Pet owners can have their pets photographed before 12 weeks old in their own houses or gardens.
Can you photo all of my pets together?
If your pets are comfortable with each other then absolutely but at the first sign of distress, it will end and I will do what I can in post-processing.
Small animals and reptiles WILL NOT be photographed together.. This includes dogs, cats or other animals you own. (Example; Dog with a rat / Cats with a snake / hamster with another hamster.)
Where does the session take place and how long does it last?
If you have a dog, then the session can take place within your home or your dogs favourite location. Every other animal is done in your home or stables unless you have some other place suitable. Photoshoots mainly last an hour or more but time is always given incase your pet is nervous. If on the other hand, your pets aren’t wanting to be in the spotlight on that day then we will end the session and I can either come back and try again with no extra fee or we can work with what I already got.
What is your session fee and do digital images come with it?
My session fee starts at £300 which covers my time for the shoot and editing. Each session comes with 5 digital images for you to choose from within a gallery. More products can be purchased. My session fee also covers one pet. If you have more than one then please message me!
When can we see the images?
2 - 3 weeks after your photo shoot! Before any shoot, we always book a viewing slot so you can come over, or I can come to you and you’ll see all of your images on a professional gallery ready for you to pick and choose from! Ordering extra products can be done right there and then!
If I order products, how long will they take to arrive?
Depending on the product it can take up to 4 - 6 weeks. You will be emailed when your product is on route to you and will be delivered straight to your front door with parcel tracking. All products come from professional labs to make sure you have the upmost best quality possible!
Can I just buy a few prints?
Unfortunately not. A lot of time is invested to each and every photo shoot as they are all tailored to you and your pets. Selling loose prints or small items will cause a considerable loss, however you are more than welcome to purchase these after you have brought from our main product menu.
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