Photo sessions available with us! 
*Prices subject to changes.*
      The one-hour pee break:       
A session dedicated to capturing the full craziness of your pets character or the softness in their hearts. We will find the perfect spot on a walk or the comfiest place in your home to take photo's you will cherish for years to come! 
Together Forever:
This session is for highlighting the bond you share with your pets. Play, pose or be as silly as you want. Whatever your relationship with your pet, I'll capture it! 
Show Stars: 
This session is for show pets, working pets, sport pets or breeders. From posed stacks to action shots to even a pregnancy reveal! Perfect for your websites and adverts.

1 Pet
5 edited images ready for social media. 
30 minutes to 1 hour.
Additional pets: 
- £50 for dogs and horses.
- £25 for all other pets.

Ever wanted to see your pet covered in safe, coloured powder? Well now is your chance! Show their speed of in a dash of colour!
Suitable for other pets too, even cats. (If you can bath them!)
Holi powder is 100% safe for pets. 99% corn starch and 1% food colouring. Great care is taken to avoid the face. Powder is applied on the shoulder blades and down their spine. 
If your pet is not comfortable with the powder. The difference will be refunded and we will do a standard session instead.
1 Pet.
5 edited images ready for social media.
30 minutes to 1 hour. 
Additional pets:
- £25 for dogs and horses. 
- £10 for cats.
Instagram isn't just for hoomans anymore, oh no! Does your pet have their own Petstagram? Then this is the perfect session for you! Whatever theme you're going for, we will get your feed looking great!
1 month's worth of content, including seasonal holidays if booked over that period. 
This session can also be merged into a brand session. Please message me for further information. 
1 Pet account.
30 images for 1 pet. 15 images per pet if the account covers multiple.
1 hour to 1.5 hours
Additional pets:
- £50 for dogs and horses.
- £25 for all other animals.
Circle of life:
This session is perfect for breeders. For adverts, your website or keeping the memories of your pet's litters forever while sending them to their new owners with a special, one of a kind gift!
If you own a different pet and would like a circle of life session to include their offspring then please message me for further information.  
1 litter.
5 edited images of each baby.
1 hour to 1.5 hours.
Additional litters:
- £75 per dog litter.
- £50 per cat litter.
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