"Blessed are for the curious, for they shall have adventures."
Feline Doggeous Photography takes pride in the fact that you will hardly ever see any premade set ups and paper backdrops. Although the studio is just as great, we prefer it all natural here! Allowing pets to be as crazy and wild as their personalities allow. No pets are forced to pose in our shoots. They show their full character and that is what creates the magic! 

Our photo shoots are prepped with fun, filled with flying dog droll, muddy paws and endless laughter. No rules, no stress. Just pure enjoyment for all! - don’t forget the treats! 90% of my sessions are out of locations that we choose together. Your pets favourite location and those secret little spots that match your pets character. 

Sorry hooman, but your pets are in charge of this session! Where they go, we go! What they want us to see, we will see! A new stick? A feather just blowing in the wind or maybe, just THAT bush. The one that definitely hasn’t been sniffed yet - Your pet knows this bush! Whatever brings the sparkle to their eyes, whatever makes them wag their tails at the speed of light or the loudest purr you've ever felt. That is what we will get. 
Stage 1: 
Stage one is the beginning of our adventure. You, the hooman will send me a photo of your beloved pet, along with their names and what makes them, them. The weird, the wonderful and everything in between along with their favourite walkies. Once i've seen and heard of their personality, we can match up photos that will suit! Action shots with a full on smile? Ears flapping in the wind? Or even just a simple, yet powerful portrait.  
Stage 2: 
Building a session tailored for both you and your pets. Now we have them planned out. We turn to you hooman. This is where you give me a rough guide of what you would like to take home from our time together. A photo hanging on the wall or an album on table? Want to go digital? We can make photos for the Petstagram! You know Instagram isn’t just for hoomans you know? 
Album sessions and photos for the gram are shot differently and each need their own time to prepare and fine tune details. 
Stage 2 also consists of the signing of contracts, payment information and time scales in which you will receive your photos and products. A follow up session is also booked so we can go through your images together and create the magic before we order the final product.  
Stage 3: 
Preparation! I personally don’t mind wet and muddy covered pets, but you might do! If you have a grooming session booked in near the time of shoot then you might want to avoid getting them dirty for our session! 
Always. Bring. Treats. And then more because you’ll never have enough! This also includes their favourite toy if they are more toy driven than food. 
Dare, I say. Training! No, your pet doesn’t have to be trained at all but if you would like them to sit and stay for more than 5 seconds around all those smells then please practice some sit, stay and down, stay training! Or, even if you’ve just taught them a new trick and wish to show it off in their photoshoot, a few small sessions a day before can make a huge difference! 
Stage 4: 
The boring paperwork is outta the way and now it’s photoshoot time! Always arrive 15-20 minutes earlier just so we can get introductions out the way and I can see how your pets are with me. If they are nervous and shy, then distance will be made. The same goes with my camera. It will be out, but not in use so i can see how they react. This crucial step helps us move forward into creating wonderful images. 
During our session, dogs are on leash at all times unless we are in a fully secure location and/or have solid recall. Whenever in doubt. The leash stays on! I bring a long line for this occasion as well. Giving your pets freedom up to 20ft which is more than enough for me to do my thing and plenty of length to allow your pets to wander happily. 
If during the shoot, we see the perfect place for them to sit, or lay down then we lure them with a treat or toy. I will use my magic to get their attention and then they are free to go back sniffing a bush. Again, if the pets aren’t comfortable with sitting in a distracted area then we just move on. 
Stage 5: 
The photoshoot is done, the model has rightfully earned a full stomach of treats and an extra ball throw! Now it's time for you to clean off those muddy paws and boots and for me to do what i do best. Make your photos come to life! My editing style is darker, moodier, punchier and full of life. Exactly how I like it to be and this is where it happens.
 Stage 6:
The follow up session has arrived and you’ll get to view every single image on the big screen. Yup, that’s right. Either at your home or at your favourite local coffee shop. This is where you choose what will come home with you and how your final products will look. The petstagram photos sent in order of posting times or designing the layout of your very own album. This is the best part!
If you’re unavailable to meet in person, then do not worry! A zoom call link will be sent to you as well as a link to your very own private gallery where we go through all the same, but online! 
Once you have an idea of the photos you would like, i can create a mock up photo which will include your pets photo on your very wall in different sizes so you can see what looks the best. 
Once ordered and paid, you will receive an update along the way until it's delivered straight to your door. Nothing beats the feeling of opening a brand new print. Incredible. 
Stage 7: 
As a huge thank you for supporting me and my business, you will receive up to 2 bloopers free of charge. Bloopers are out of focus photos that can’t be used for much but what i can promise you is that they will be absolutely hilarious and will keep you laughing for days, weeks and even years to come! Bloopers although not technically correct share a different type of memory and definitely deserve a spot in your camera roll. 

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